The European Commission – in a communication on “A strong social Europe for just transitions” – is launching a consultation with national, regional and local stakeholders, open until November 2020.

Within the framework of their prerogatives, the European Social Protection Institute and ESS France will coordinate the widest possible response to this consultation.
It is indeed important, today more than ever, on the one hand to reaffirm the way in which the organisations working for social protection in solidarity with citizens act, and on the other hand to create a coalition capable of proposing and influencing the proposals that will give concrete form to the European social rights base in the future.


Commission Communication – Membership Services (CSA)

The CSA Commission proposes IPSE’s communication actions. It thinks and acts to promote the activities of the social actors associated with IPSE’s action for social protection in a spirit of solidarity and non-profit making, publishing Folio (IPSE’s magazine) and Foliomail (IPSE’s electronic newsletter), and monitoring the Euroipse website. org, the publication of the proceedings of the IPSE Meetings (Foliocollection), contacts with the social press are all tools put in place by the CSA Commission, which also promotes the training centre and considers the proposal of adapted services for our members.


Financial Commission

The Financial Commission ensures that the accounts of an association are balanced, and that its resources satisfy its political vocation and technical capacity. It ensures the sincerity of the accounts and optimizes management for an activity carried out in complete independence. Thus, the Financial Commission has a role of monitoring, organizing and optimizing the budgetary and financial policies of the association.

Synergy Commission

Fostering synergies between paritarian and mutualist institutions is inherent to the original vocation of IPSE, a meeting place between these large families of social protection that is based on solidarity, democratic and non-remunerative capital. The Synergy Commission is thus responsible for organising meetings for Ipse members on topics decided on in the light of current events, contributing to dialogue between the different families of personal insurers and, finally, promoting, through exchanges of information, techniques and know-how, the ethical and deontological values characteristic of IPSE stakeholders.
 Europe Commission

The primary objectives of the Europe Commission are to ensure the follow-up of Ipse’s action in Europe, and in particular the organisation of the Ipse meetings. Bringing its network to life, developing it and sharing it within the ethical framework of Ipse is also one of the commission’s responsibilities. Finally, the Europe Commission is a privileged place for information and exchanges on the construction of Europe and its social policy, taking into account the evolution of social relations and the implications for social organisations and social protection schemes.
The Commission Synergie is charged with :










The Commission Europe is charged with: