39th Ipse Meeting in Munich


Munich, June 27. and 28., 2013


The Institute for European Social Protection – Ipse – and the Deutsche Rentenversicherung – DRV – Bayern Süd, invite you to participate in the 39th Ipse Meeting to be held in Munich on June 27 and 28, 2013.

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The choice of Munich to host this year’s Ipse meeting represents an exception to the general rule of holding these events in the country serving as President of the European Union. The choice aims to be a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty, which sealed the Franco-German reconciliation, the basis of the European construction.


Last fall in Dublin, we saw how Member States where austerity measures are most fiercely imposed suffer from drastic cuts to their healthcare and pension systems.


This year, we chose to view these realities from the standpoint of countries that seem to fare better, even if they as well are facing crises that know no borders. Indeed, Germany and other European nations such as the Nordic and Scandinavian countries, Austria (lowest level of unemployment) and Poland (growth as far as the eye can see), seem to enjoy favorable indicators.


In our search for solutions to bring the current crisis to a faster end throughout Europe, must we therefore take inspiration from these countries and the measures they have adopted. Do other powerful actors – social partners, civil society – have yet insufficiently explored alternatives to offer in the quest for recovery? Finally, what can social protection do – and what must it do – to help resolve the crises and guarantee the well-being of populations, adjusting current models as necessary, once clearer skies appear?


With the aim of providing answers to these crucial questions, the 39th Ipse Meeting will be organized around four sessions:


  1. Enduring crisis or foreseeable end?
  2. Certain countries seem to fare better, under what conditions?  
  3. Contribution of social dialogue, citizen-based initiatives and alternative measures
  4. New jobs and new versatility for a new form of social protection
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