Modernization of public action: the report finally unveiled

The public service must evolve to better meet the needs of the French and the upheavals of society. The publication of the report “public service, reinventing itself to better serve” makes it possible to see more clearly.
The Public Action program was launched by the government on October 13, 2017 with the aim of transforming public action. Designed as part of this program, Public Action Committee 2022 (CAP22), is independent, and consists of economists, elected officials, and qualified individuals from the public and private sectors. The role of this committee is to analyze in depth the missions and expenses of all public administrations (state and operators, social security administrations) in relation to dedicated public policies. The aim is to improve the quality of public services, provide employees with a modernized working environment and help public spending to decrease.
To this aim, the committee has issued 22 proposals (report june 2018) covering many fields of social protection. Each of these proposals is presented in a logical way: assessment, objectives, reforms and expected impacts in order to effectively evaluate whether the objectives are achieved. These proposals give priority to digital, the use of which can facilitate the management of certain services. The report outlines how to save 30 billion euros on public spending. The hospital is in the spotlight: through a more local health care offer, 5 billion could be saved. Tax niches are also singled out. A reform of Pôle emploi and public broadcasting is envisaged as well as a decentralization of certain skills. Education, justice or social housing are considered as well because their effectiveness can also be improved.
The publication of this text is particularly notable because it will determine the action of the government in the coming years.