Rally in favor of a statute for European mutuals!

In March, the European Commission launched a consultation on the current situation and prospects for mutual societies in Europe. This consultation is open to a broad public until June 14, and could lead to the creation of a statute for a European mutual society. Ipse supports this initiative and appeals to its members and partners to submit responses and to circulate news of this consultation as broadly as possible.


Invited by the European Parliament to address the issue, the European Commission is currently debating the situation of mutuals. It is considering creating a legal framework to provide mutual societies with better recognition, as well as the tools necessary to give them a fair chance to compete with other types of structures within the internal market. A statute for a European mutual society could thus be created, consistent with preexisting European statues for private companies (created in 2001) and cooperative societies (2003).


The Commission thus launched a public consultation (available in FR, EN, DE), following the publication of a study commissioned from research firm Panteia. This consultation is open until June 14, 2013, to any natural or legal person wishing to respond. Responses may be formulated in any EU language.


European institutions’ interest for the question of recognizing mutual societies in Europe and creating a statute for European mutuals represents a unique opportunity for mutuals, and could lead to progress for the internal market and European citizens. If it is not seized now, such an opportunity may not present itself again.


Since its creation, Ipse has looked to guide the construction of solidarity-based social protection in Europe. As such, many of Ipse’s members and partners are mutuals in charge of solidarity-based social protection.


That is why Ipse is vigorously working to support the momentum created by the European Commission and will naturally be formulating a response to this consultation. Ipse also urges its partners and anyone else so inclined to submit a response and to circulate news of this consultation as broadly as possible.

Se the article : Why is a Statute for European Mutual Society necessary ?


A few tips to respond to the consultation:


  • The deadline for responses is June 14, 2013.

No anonymous response will be accepted.

All responses will be published on the European Commission website unless the respondent explicitly requests otherwise by writing to the following email address.

Basic Answers to help you answer:


So that everyone can easily respond to this consultation, basic answers were developed by AIM (in German and in English) and FNMF-GEMA-ROAM (in French and English).
Feel free to use it! Everyone is free to make a simple copy and paste, to be inspired or to adapt and expand in its own response).