What if young people voted …

In 2014, 73% of young people aged 18 to 35 did not vote in the European elections. Yet, their opinion counts more than ever in this chaotic context. It can influence the direction that our union will take in the coming years. For example, according to OpinionWay’s survey, 58% of 18-30 year old believe that the protection of the environment should be a priority of the European Union. Without their voice in the 2019 European elections, who knows if the future of the planet will indeed be at the heart of politics in the coming years?

According to the political scientist Éric-André Martin, young people do not necessarily distinguish the added value of the European Union. School has to show them the merits of belonging to the EU.
In the run-up to the 26 May European elections, many initiatives have been put in place to involve young people in European politics. Thus, on May 2nd, the Maison de l’Europe in Paris organized a debate with 6 heads of European lists on the topics that most interest young people. They could to express themselves and ask their questions to the candidates.

Similarly, the association “Europeans Without Borders”, whose mission is to launch initiatives to strengthen European citizenship, has organized a campaign entitled “Rock the vote” for young adults. This operation was made in the form of short films written by young writers. The movies are visible here.

Sometimes young people do not vote simply because of lack of information. The european media Euractiv published an article presenting the proposals of the parties that directly affect them. Do not hesitate to consult their article. Another association, Young Europeans Federalists, has set itself the task of raising awareness of this public, in particular in schools. They also present videos on the functioning of institutions and the benefits of Europe on their website.

In the hope that all these beautiful projects will bear fruit, we are counting on you to encourage your children and grandchildren to take part to the European democracy.