who are we

Ipse, a 27-year commitment to social protection in Europe


Created in 1989, the Institute for European Social Protection – Ipse – aims to:


  • Promote construction of solidarity-based non-profit social protection within the framework of a European social economy market;
  • Encourage cooperation and synergy among mutual and paritarian social protection groups, as well as other social actors.

Ipse’s work is predicated upon the participation of its members. The organization maintains an extended network in EU countries. It also has an Orientation Council whose members include numerous European social actors, as well as French and European social partners.



Ipse, diversified fields of action


To fulfill its missions, Ipse develops a variety of activities, including:


  • Events comprising Ipse Meetings, European conferences combining knowledge and foresight, and Ipse Professional Seminars, addressing topics specifically related to the activities of social protection organizations. More than fifty such events have already been organized since Ipse was founded.
  • Working groups and discussion committees reserved for members, with regular meetings to foster exchanges and develop the association’s initiatives.
  • Publications in various formats (Folio Magazine, Foliom@il Newsletter, Conference proceedings, Foliocollection, euroipse.org website, etc.), to convey a wealth of information through articles, reflections and contributions;
  • Study visits and training sessions to better understand Europe and its Member States through exploration of relevant topics.
  • Consulting, representation and especially networking for Ipse members, drawing from its network in France and throughout Europe.