The Orientation council

The Board of Directors is assisted by an Orientation Council responsible for determining the priority themes for reflection, studies and events for the IPSE in connection with the social partners and networks of experts throughout the ‘European Union.
The Orientation Council is a forum for discussion aimed at clarifying the choices made by the IPSE Board of Directors over the long term.
The members of the Orientation Council are persons qualified either by their position as social partners or by their skills as experts acquired in the fields of the social economy, the management of social health systems and replacement income.

Jean-Marie Attard


    Cécile Barbier
European social law expert (BE)

Patrizia Bussi

Vice-présidente SEE (IT)

  Éva Cantele
Forum International ESS

Dominique Corona



François Desriaux
Chief Editor

Santé & Travail

Mireille Dispoti
  Camille Dorival
Social affairs journalist
Giuseppe Guerini
CECOP-Europe (UE)
  Nicolas Leblanc
Groupe VYV Health Advisor
Albert Lautman
  Patrick Lelong
Journalist, presenter and speaker
Denis Stokkink
Pour la Solidarité (BE)