Bringing the Charter to Life in 2013


In 2012, during the General Meeting of the Institute for European Social ProtectionIpse – mutual and paritarian social protection groups within the Ipse community chose to adopt the European Charter for Social Protection Providers.


This Charter was born from the resolve of organizations within the Ipse community to reassert their conception of socially responsible business based on a long-term vision, solidarity and the public interest to guarantee responsible, public-spirited and fair social protection (see The case for the European Charter for Social Protection Providers).


By adopting this Charter, the mutual and paritarian groups within the Ipse community decided to:

  • Gather together around shared values
  • Reassert the specificity of their identity and their activities
  • Present themselves as a credible and indispensable alternative to providers driven by a purely commercial rationale

Ipse’s ambition is to extend beyond these initial signatory organizations, sharing the Charter with all actors of social protection in France and the other countries of the European Union. Ipse thus intends to persevere in its efforts to promote the Charter by raising awareness among a number of actors throughout 2013.


Mindful that the Charter must not remain a simple declaration of values, Ipse also undertakes to go further by organizing a key “Best Practices” forum in late 2013. This event will offer signatories to the Charter the opportunity to present concrete evidence of their commitments by highlighting achievements that set them apart from the commercial sector (further information will soon be available).


To ensure that these principles and values take root in 2013, both within social protection organizations and among national and European institutions, Ipse needs its members, partners and all actors in the field to embody these values. Together, we will carry forward the European Charter for Social Protection Providers.



Download the Charter and the related documents  :