The 42nd IPSE Meeting: an opportunity for the sustainability of social protection companies

42enIPSE deemed the digital topic an action priority with approaches aiming both at the adaptation of our social protection schemes and offers, and at the changes in our mutual societies, social protection groups and other stakeholders in the social economy.


The mobilization of our bodies as a whole and our network occurs both within the EU and in the Member States, in their diversity.


The 42th IPSE Meeting to be held in The Hague, in one month, will focus on the metamorphoses of work, whereas the 43rd Meeting in Brussels, on October 21th, will deal with the topic of data.


IPSE members and other participants in the event in The Hague will provide information on the multiple modes of development as to how professional activities are exercised: true and false self-employed workers, the Uber case and what already goes beyond that brand, para-subordinate work and “Slashers”, with multiple and inconsistent  employers…


We will also discuss proposals for the new labour market. Pascal Terrasse, French MP, author of a reference report on the collaborative economy, will tell us about new rights to activity, a theme dear to another speaker, the prestigious advocate of social rights, Jacques Barthélémy.


The Dutch, who currently hold the EU Presidency, will share with us their intense work on this realm. Speakers from several Member States will present the similarities and differences in what is being observed and prepared, and is also manifest in the quality of the answers. The major European actors will be present, including Pour La Solidarité, the European Trade Union Institute, the International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies, the European Economic and Social Committee…


Our social protection companies were built on an often linear model of work, which has become a minority. Thus, the management of collective systems, individuals, and people must change. The service offering and, especially, the financing are also being transformed radically.


Those who will be in The Hague on May 30 and 31, are also those who are getting ready and likely to become actors of tomorrow and beyond!!!