Folio 67

Find in this magazine Folio 67



 The Editorial by Dominique Boucher :

  • “Spring is upon us…”;

L’article de Frédéric Bernard, General manager Mutual of UMC

  • “The impact of Big Data on the insurance sector”

– The article by Corinna Hartrampf, Project Manager In charge of European Affairs (AIM) and Wolfgang Schulz-Weidner, European Pension Policy Advisor Coordinator – Pension Insurance Committee (ESIP) :

  • “The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: What are the potential
    implications for social protection and social and health services in Europe?”

The interview with  Ms.Sanita Pavluta-Deslandes, Ambassador of Latvia to France
Interview conducted by Jean-Pierre Bobichon, Director of Ipse


– And other articles …


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