« Responsible party »: a student initiative against excessive consumption of alcohol

After “binge drinking”, we have heard of the “drunkorexia” phenomenon, which consists in eating less, in order to save calories for drinking. Alcohol excesses still are a public health problem, but don’t see the glass half-empty: some people work together in order to raise young people’s awareness of the dangers of such practices.

Prévention Alcool 1

This year, the Erasmus programme celebrates its 30th anniversary and is increasingly popular. However, a team comprised of researchers from the universities of Cardiff and Milan as well as a students’ association carried out a project to know more about the way of life of these globe-trotters. And their researches revealed that many of them put themselves at risk with excessive alcohol consumption.

Prévention Alcool 2

So, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) decided to take action together with Pernod Ricard. They created the concept of “responsible party”. The idea is to send ambassadors from the ESN in the labelled parties in order to warn the young people about the harm caused by alcohol. Their action is fun and benevolent. Instead of lecturing them up, the ambassadors, who are also students, offer water, food, or activities. They can provide responsible consumption kits. Since 2010, the prevention campaign has reached 300 000 students.


Some mutual or social welfare groups try to raise awareness among young and old about those subjects. As an example, AG2R la Mondiale invited the national association of alcohol and addiction prevention to speak at a conference during its “fit day” in December 2016. Apicil also offer to lead conferences in companies in order to improve health at work and also deals with the risks of addictive behaviours. And both are only few examples, out of many of good practices in this field!